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Author:  alexAdel
E-mail:  aa@aol.com
Date:  6/21/2004 5:53:00 PM
Subject:  Curious:handshake
Message:  One of your writers wrote a very nice piece on bowing vs handshaking, and made some good points, but in her rush to argue against handshaking she made several mistakes.

First, handshaking was not, originally, a "low" form of greeting. The opposite in fact is true: the cattle men she speaks about so disdainfully actually copied a form of greeting used, originally, by royalty.

Second, the queen of england most definately shakes hands. Etiquette demands that you wait until she extends her hand, but if she's at a party or on a receiving line she will offer to shake hands.

Third, business women was want to be respected and appreciated are unlikely to respond favorably to a man who shakes the hands of other men, but responds with a snooty little bow when she offers her own hand. Right or worng, that's my opinion. I'd be curious to know what other people say.

Other than that, thanks for some good points.

Reply:  I hardly ever got an unfavorable response. People usually respect you when they see that you have principals that you stick to.

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