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Author:  Ratbert
E-mail:  ratbert@rodential.com
Date:  6/20/2004 5:15:00 PM
Subject:  The Dreaded Mother-in-law
Message:  How much koved am I obligated to give my mother-in-law? Though she herself it not religious, as bizarre as it sounds, she does not like me because I am a convert to Judaism with a yeshiva education. For the past several years, she has been trying to convince my wife to stop keeping the mitzvos and move in with her and along with our child.

After all of these years, it only seems to be worse. Additionally, I don't particularly like the idea of my wife and child visiting her and being subjected to her negative hashpah (i.e. abandoning Torah observance).

Can I make a neder that would forbid my wife and child from visiting this woman? Short of that, what do you think my be course of action is?

בברכת כל טיב
Reply:  No Mitzvah at all to give her any respect as long as she is in the same state.

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