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Author:  BW
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Date:  6/20/2004 1:27:00 AM
Subject:  shaitels
Message:  Taken from frumteens.com:
"Rabbi Dunner has stated both in the meeting with Rabbonim in Brooklyn and in the tape he made in England that the human hair shaitels are not tzniusdik and (to the rabbonim) that we should take advantage of this matter to prohibit them altogether as they deserve; in the hisachdus harabonim meeting in Brooklyn, in fact a discussion ensued regarding whether they would be allowed to say that the shaitels are takrovos in order to prevent the women from wearning them because they are not tzniusdik."
What a sick world we live in.
Reply:  If you can't get everyone to agree with your opinion, why not lie to them.....

We've come a long way, baby........... I just don't know in which direction....

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