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Author:  Aryeh
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Date:  6/17/2004 11:36:00 AM
Subject:  insider info / stocks
If someone tries to sell me an expensive diamond and I call around and find out that the seller is lying, then I am a 'good businessman' and haven't violated any halachas.

What if the CEO of a diamond company tells me his business is going to grow at +10% and I learn from an employee of his that it's only growing +2%. The CEO is lying and others in the marketplace may be buying stock in his company on false assumptions. Is it mutar to bet against this company.

Why is this different than discovering a diamond that is really cubic zirconia.

Ona'as akum, also is selling into a "market" the same as selling to an individual person

Hard topic. don't see many talk about it. Curious as to your thoughts
Reply:  Everyone who buys stocks knows the games. If they are not locked up, then it is just "forward looking" statements. If you invest properly and make money, why not?

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