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Author:  salant
E-mail:  jk@aol.com
Date:  6/15/2004 11:59:00 AM
Subject:  musar
Message:  <<When he calls for cold calculated obnoxiousness, that's what we'll give.

When does god require this? Furthermore, if I choose to act toward someone with "cold calculated obnoxiousness" how can I possibly be sure it is motivated l'shm shamayim, and not by impatiant or ego or self-indulgance? The yetzer hara works in some strange ways. Couldn't it easily convince me that I am _obligated_ to be obnoxious, when the opposite is in fact the case? Wouldn't it be so much safer if I just was poilte to everyone?
Reply:  If the Torah calls for you to not be polite in a specific situation, would it be safer to be polite? How is that possible? King Shaul lost the kingdom from such a story. It would have been in his family rather than David Hamelech.

Look at the Orchot Tzaddikim Shaar Harachamim for example of when Rachamim is a sin. And look at the next Shaar of Achzariot for the times one is required to be obnoxious.

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