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Author:  Not a fan
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Date:  6/14/2004 9:21:00 AM
Subject:  Carlebach short and simple
Message:  I don't know if allegations against Carlebach are true but having heard of abusive relationships in which he may have been involved, I cannot listen to hs music without feeling NEGATIVE feelings despite the beauty of the music itself.

Assuming the allegations are true, how do you think one of his victims would feel if his music is played at a simcha? For that reason alone (the comfort of a troubled soul) I'd rather not hear him.
Reply:  Then that is that!

We think that a warm and caring person is so special. It doesn't work like that. We follow God's laws. When he calls for caring, we are caring. When he calls for cold calculated obnoxiousness, that's what we'll give.

Everyone says about others, "Oh! He is so wonderful. He was so nice to so and so." If he doesn't keep the other Mitzvot, you have a problem there.

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