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Author:  Carlebachnik
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Date:  6/14/2004 12:30:00 AM
Subject:  Music
Message:  I am a girl who is shomer Torah and Mitzvot. I only eat glatt, I do not use eruv on shabbat, I try to use this web site as a basis on how I lead my life. If I have a question I ask and I listen. I got to a point were I have stopped listening to secular music and when i found S.C.'s music, which I had never really "heard" before, I was hooked. Not even so much him singing, but soulfarm and the Moshav band singing his "niggunim" the words of course are from tanach. It touches my soul and brings me closer to God. I have many friends, guy s and girls, who were brought closer to God by hearing his music. Hearing the passion in the music, I don't know an awful lot about him as a person, but how can a rasha make music that has so much urgency and feels the pain of the jewish people to have mashiah come. I have never felt these feelings listening to Shwecky... He may have been just as confused and in pain as my generation is. Just ahead of his time. As far as music goes, as i am trying not to listen to secular radio, I can't say that I will stop listening to Carlebach. I don't know what kind of people anyone else who sings jewish music is. All I know is that When I listen to "Esah Einay" or "Oz V'hadar" it inspires me to daven, make a kiddush hashem and keep doing mitzvot because I feel moshiah coming.
Reply:  The end doesn't justify the means!
If you got major inspiration from eating something that wasn't Kosher, can you do it? I'm sorry that you were fooled to believe in some sort of holiness and passion from Carlebach. We have some kind of distorted system, where Talmidey Chachamim who say a ruling that is not exactly as we like it can be ignored and written off, yet a clear sinner becomes a holy messenger of God.

It is not in the feelings. God gave us rules to go by and a lifestyle to live by. We can feel what we want, but the rules don't budge. If people have a Yetzer Harah to listen to his music, it is still safer than believing he was holy. Think about it! If you cannot grasp this, you need to go back to the ABC's, and figure out why you follow this religion and what does the religion consider good and what is bad.

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