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Author:  chakira
E-mail:  http://chakira.blog-city.com
Date:  6/13/2004 2:19:00 AM
Subject:  zecher lemikdash
Message:  Do you think that listening to any music is permitted?
Also: Your father's teshuva on knife covering is a little bit unclear. What does he mean by saying that the idea is that one should be so effected as to want to commit suicide?
Reply:  "any"??? Please look at previous posts about music and see what fits into your question.
My father's Teshuva #58 is saying that a person should feel so bad about the Churban, that he isin pain and anguish to a point that he borders on those feelings of despair that bring people to suicide. But, like is said in the Teshuva, that isobviously assur

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