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Author:  frei
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Date:  6/11/2004 12:58:00 PM
Subject:  Loshon Horah
Message:  1) Does saying loshon horah only apply to sins, or can it also be embarrassing things that happened to a person or that he did but it wasnt a sin. In other words, if someone tells people a story like "He went to the zoo and someone thought he was a monkey" or "his pants fell down in public," is that considered loshon as well?
2) Is it loshon horah to say about someone "he's fat, ugly, stupid, etc." or make fat jokes about him behind his back, even though the person hearing it can see for himself that he's fat, ugly, stupid?
Reply:  1) It absolutely includes embarassing situations. These are much more common types of Lashon Harah today.

2) It's not Lason Harah, but it goes under other categories like Moshav Leitzim, Bitul Torah, and others....

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