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Author:  david
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Date:  6/11/2004 11:49:00 AM
Subject:  reb shlomo

Reply: I hate to be rude, but your comparison to Dovid Hamelech, Shimshon Hagibor etc. is shameful. You are entitled to like his music but don't fool yourself.

Shimson married a shiksa. Reb Shlomo never did that. Dovid Hamelech committed adultery and then had the husband killed. Reb Shlomo never did that. But he did Teshuva and God forgave him. Again, how do you know That Reb Shlomo did not do Teshuvah. By the way, Please do not worry about being rude. I have thick skin. And if I am rude I ask your mechilah. I can be sharp at times. Anyway, while I may not agree with you all the time, I always find you entertaining.

Reply:  Reb Shimshon married a non-Jewish woman based on a command from God. This is written in the Pasuk. Reb Shlomo got a command elsewhere....

Reb Dovid Hamelech did not sin. Look into it. He was too kind. He let her husband live temporarily and die a heroes death rather than execute him for being Mored Bemalchut.

Be rude to me, before speaking that way about our leaders, the ones who are the vehicles that carried our entire Mesorah. Without them we have nothing.

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