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Author:  hh
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Date:  6/11/2004 9:25:00 AM
Subject:  star-k/zalman's meat
Message:  the entire story and the halachic issues are presented on this website: www.kashrusstandards.com
Reply:  Yes, but one-sided. It is the anti-Star-K.

It says nothing that would suggest that the Star-K is doing anything wrong.

It does show that they were bold enough to go against the "Kosher Meat Mafia." Don't be naive to believe that it doesn't exist. It is very closely related to the Cholov Yisrael Mafia.

Sorry to have brought a sour topic to the table, but didn't you wonder why having a Shochet slaughter your cow, who can do fifty or more per day, suddenly costs you double for the meat or more. If a cow were to have a retail value of say, $500 in the Kosher market, it would be inflated by at least $250. The Shochet doesn't get more than $200 for the day. That's a cost of $4 a cow. Put 5 Shochtim on a cow, you still only have $20 extra per cow. Why another $230? How can they get away with it? Well, if you have a control of an industry, and you keep out the competition, you can charge whatever you like. That is the whole concept behind Mafia industries. Star-K is not going by the rules. Finally!

If you look at that site you'll see they quote the following people amongst others:

"Harav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, Harav Nissim Karelitz, Harav Meir Brandsdorfer (Aida Hachreidis, Jerusalem), Harav Moshe Landau (Bnei Brak), Harav Moshe Sternbuch, Harav Chaskel Roth"

These Rabbanim have a history of preserving Jewish Religious Mafia industries. These are those same people writing against silk screen Sifrey Torah without ever seeing it, and scaring Rabbanim across the globe included Rabbi Scheinberg, from approving it. This was done by request of the "Mishmeret STA"M" Organization in order to preserve their control of the industry. I was intimately involved and saw them in action. How can they say a Psak on something without ever seeing it? And with such arrogance?

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