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Author:  einaiyisroel
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Date:  6/10/2004 10:19:00 PM
Subject:  loshon haroh
Message:  Rabbi----you say in your loshon harah post that l. h. was a problem in the old days b/c they had alot of free time, were in each others faces, and as a result were more malicious. Whereas today wer'e all so busy and mainly not malicious and therefore its really a small problem and its the yetzer harah to treat it as a problem to distract us from more relevant issues. Wow!     I don't think there was ever a time in history that we talk and communicate on a merely social level as much as today. With the cell phones, text messanging, internet(with all of the web sites,chat romms, forums to express so many opinions about so many people and institutions in an anomonous way, all jewish and frum), with social eating out in so many glatt restaurants(something that was unheard about in the old times), in fact all we do is socialize, with so many simchos and occasions. In the old days they worked hard both for a living and to run the home with no modern convenionces, and very rarely saw each other after dark. They knew much fewer people than today, and in general had much fewer opportunities to communicate.
Did i misunderstand you? Please clarify.
Reply:  WE talk, but we don't sit around bad mouthing people. We don't talk about otherwise good people to let everyone know about hidden secrets of sins that they did that they already did Teshuva on.
Who would do that?!
Think about it a bit. Don't just panic and throw me the party line.

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