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Author:  song guy
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Date:  6/9/2004 2:01:00 AM
Subject:  Reb Sholom's music
Message:  Can one listen to Reb Shlomo's music even if they believe the allegations against him? Did your father know Reb Sholom from Lakewood? what did he think about him?
Reply:  Reb Shlomo was not fully observant. What's with the "Reb?" As a matter of fact, he was kissing all the girls after the concerts and elsewhere, in public. That makes each sin 2 counts of "Yaharog Ve'al Yaavor." This phrase means that the sin is so bad that you are required to give up your life rather than sin. That is for Arayot (male/female sins) and is also applicable to sins done publicly. This is a double play.

Why not Reb O.J.?
or Reb Clinton?
And don't forget Hagaon Harav Pink Floyd...

We have misplaced Holiness. Let's get our minds in check here.
It may be better to listen to Billy Joel..., since you will not call him Reb Billy. Or will you?!

"believe the allegations..." ??? I saw it with my own eyes. Everyone did.

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