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Author:  lukrer
E-mail:  lurker@hotmail.com
Date:  6/7/2004 1:35:00 PM
Subject:  Yom Tov Sheini
Message:  The bYom Tov Sheiniest explanation I have been able to come up with is minhag ha'makom. i.e. For some reason people of EY decided that their minhag was to keep one day, while most communities (and eventually all) outside of EY decided to keep 2 days. i.e. it has has nothing to do w/ regular concept of chag (at least in a direct sense)

Therefore, minhag avoteinu b'yadeinu. But, Minhag Ha'Makom overides that if one settles in area. Hence why keep only 1 day if settle in EY, but otherwise keep 2.

Now, when people started settling America, they could have made a minhag ha'makom to keep one day, but not only did they not do that, they declared that America would have no minhag ha'makom. So we are "stuck" w/ minhag avoteinu.

obly way I could understand it, though could be speaking out of my tush.
Reply:  Ligmor VeHadar Lisvor!
Don't worry! The Halachah is clear. You don't need full clarity on why. That's why we have Rabbis. You'll study the Halachot from A-Z, and evetually it'll all come to you.

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