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Author:  rachel
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Date:  6/7/2004 8:06:00 AM
Subject:  women davening
Message:  1.wat shud a girl daven every morning if shes usually is in a rush or just 2 lazy 2 daven everything? (or duz she have 2 daven everything?)
2.i read this board a lot and i try to follow everything that rav abadi sez. however, i have a much easier time following the things he sez are mutar and most people say are assur than wat he sez is assur that most ppl do. for example, i dont think i cud ever give up wearing short skirts without sox (n i also know that some people allow it. ) knowing that am i allowed to follow the rest of his "easier" psaks for me to do or shud i find one rav that i will be able to stick to all of it. thank you for ur time.
Reply:  1) Berachot, Shemona Esrey/Amida, and that's it. Don't add until you get that under control, and are really motivated to increase it.

Don't forget to say Shemona Esrey/Amida for Mincha and for Maariv/Arbit.

Skip the Tehillim and just do this....

It's healthier to know the laws and to gradually take on those things that you cannot do, rather than just follow a false lead.
Take your time...


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