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Author:  Rebbitzen
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Date:  6/7/2004 12:32:00 AM
Subject:  What to do?
Message:  Recently, I have encountered (stricly through business dealings) a man who has made very inappropriate comments to me. Despite my telling him that I am not interested in any way shape or form in pursuing a relationship of any kind with him, he still continues to call me. He leaves me messages on my voice mail, invites me to dinner with him (assuring me that it will be "all kosher"...ie., that he will tell his wife beforehand!). (I should mention that he is almost old enough to be my father...and I would feel horrible if his children knew what he does, and I say DOES, because he made it quite clear that I am not the first woman he has pursued.) At this point, I don't know how to make it more clear to him than I already have that he should take his exploits elsewhere. Please, advise me.

(and thank your sister for advising me to post here)

Rebbitzen S.
Reply:  If he is officially an Orthodox Jew, and is parading around as if he is religious, then send him a quick email saying, "if I ever hear another comment out of you, I will post your name on the internet..."

That should work. If not, we'll gladly resolve it for you. If he is doing this to others, we should possibly be doing it anyway. We can save some people from this person's harassments.

If he is not Observant, then threaten to sue him for sexual harassment. This man is sick and needs help. Don't look the other way while he preys on people.

If you want to, email me privately and I'll be able to give clearer advice with clearer info.   


Get rid of him!

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