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Author:  Jim L
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Date:  6/4/2004 10:24:00 AM
Subject:  Exercise and tzitzit
Message:  R. Abadi,

As I continue to take on more mitzvot as part of my process of teshuvah, I find there are some questions I have that are of an immediate, practical nature.

For instance, I am now wearing tzitzit. When I change into my gym clothes to exercise, should I keep my tzitzit on? I get VERY sweaty. Intuitively, it does not make sense to me that I should sweat all over my tzitzit (or kipa for that matter). But I need to know from a halachic standpoint what to do. Obviously one doesn't swim with a kipa or tzitzit...But jogging, lifting weights?

Thanks in advance and Shabbat Shalom,

Reply:  No Tzitzit during excersize.
Kipa is your call. Some wear it and others don't.
Common sense goes a long way in our religion (contrary to popular opinion).
I sometimes go for hours without Tzitzit, if I get hot and uncomfortable. Some people have no problems at all. For each his own.

From a Halachic standpoint, the Torah requirement is to wear Tzitzit on a four-cornered garment. If you don't wear the garment, you are not required. The Rabbis set up a custom, for us to wear a four-cornered garment with Tzitzit, in order to keep piling up the Mitzvot. They used to wear Teffilen all day. Now it is not feasible for most men. As much as we can wear Tzitzit, we should. At times where it is not logical, we can take it off. Of course at night we can leave it off.

The beauty of these Mitzvot is that they constantly remind us of our God and his Torah. We won't get fully distracted at work or on the road. We wear Tzitzit, have Mezuzot, put on Teffilen, pray 3 times a day, etc....
These things keep us in line. Help us from getting lost.
Keep it up!
Shabbat Shalom!

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