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Author:  Anonymous
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Date:  6/2/2004 10:24:00 AM
Subject:  Minhagim
Message:  Based on your response to Vaad Stooge, it sounds like you're saying that there is a limit to how far we go back in determining minhag.

Do you mean that each Rav is supposed to select minhagim, and then his community follows? Like, does Rabbi Abadi decide to eat kitniyos, and the rest of us join him?

Or does a Rav himself have to follow the minhagim of his Rav, or the community he grew up in?

If the Rav develops his own minhag, it kind of blurs the distinction between minhag and pesak, since both are decisions made by a competent Rav. Does anything bind a rav to a minhag? Could you clarify this point?

Thank you.
Reply:  A Minhag Kadmonim, meaning a Minhag which is from the earlier sages has significance. Some customs are important for the particular time and place. A qualified Rav knows what, when, and where. He will also clarify what is only a custom verses an actual law. (If he is honest)

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