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Author:  Gedalya Wielgus
E-mail:  alittle2smart4u@aol.com
Date:  6/2/2004 12:14:00 AM
Subject:  minhagim
Message:  To what extent does this psak apply? Are there no more differneces between ashkenazim and sephardm? Am i supposed to start wearing a talis? (that sure would go over well in yeshivah) Should I ignore anytime your father writes in his sefer for sephardim... but for ashkenazim...? Am i supposed to daaven the sephardic nusach now? Is your father coming out with a teshuva on this? Thanks.
Reply:  He plans on coming out with a Siddur. If a Sephardi didn't wear a Talit, it would be OK, but why not wear one. These are all just customs, so don't knock your head in the wall. Do the best you can without turning the world around you upside-down.

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