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Author:  mvakeishemes
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Date:  5/30/2004 1:18:00 AM
Subject:  charity
Message:      i noticed you mentioned in one of your replies that it would not be consiered charity if one were to give to"just any kollel", only a talmid chacham to help him sit and learn. Would it be maaser to give to R Abaidi's kollel?(Are they all talmidei chachamim?)

Reply:  People who are studying to become Rabbis, that can eventually lead communities and answer their questions are beneficial to society. They must be supported, or we will be stuck with the batch we have been seeing.

This type of studying includes all of the Torah, and the Laws in depth pertaining to our daily lives. A person might not be able to show off his Lomdus (learning skills), but he'll be doing what his requirements are and the true Torah study.

On the other hand, as in the Hakdamah to Teshuva MeAhavah, those who do their learning in order to get respect, show off, or argue with others, they will only learn a few select tractates that allow them to accomplish their goals. Every penny you give such a person, is another step toward the destruction of Judaism...

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