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Author:  mvakeishemes
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Date:  5/30/2004 12:41:00 AM
Subject:  re:following a rav
Message:  I was told over from a person I trust,in the name of R. Yaakov Kamminetsky that if a person knows this Rav A will answer one way and Rav B wil answer another way there is no problem going to which ever one that person desires.
           1.   Do you agree or disagree?(and if you agree is this consistent with your opinion on following the same Rav for everything?)
            2. If you were to disagree with R. Yaakov do you feel I can follow you in regard to other things if I follow R. Yaakov on this?

             3. What do you mean when you say your father holds all shavers are the same?does that mean they are all mutar or assur according to him?
Reply:  1) It was not said in the context you are presenting. Every person should have a Rav. One Rav. Not shopping around.

2) Ask Rav Yaakov this one...

3) All shavers are permitted.

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