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Author:  sammy dweck
E-mail:  dweck2@walla.co.il
Date:  5/28/2004 5:58:00 AM
Subject:  Filter for Mikveh
Message:  In our Local Mikveh they want to insert a new type of Filter. Contrary to the "old style" filters which are outside the mikveh and were taken out bcauz the waters become "mayim zochalim" and bcaus if the water is constantly changed makes it mayim sheuvim , this filter is built in and inside the mikveh.

The reason for this filter is most likely connected to not immersing one’s self with potential Avoda zara Indian hair -leshitat the manager of the mikve.

Rabbi Abadi: Is there any problem with such a filter?

Reply:  As long as they filter it, we are OK. Other wise you'll have things swimming in there....

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