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Author:  chaim
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Date:  5/28/2004 2:19:00 AM
Subject:  Respect!!!!!
Message:  "Are you joking? Who cares what shiur it is? In fact, this is a common halakhic question that I think many people have, how to make life easier for their wives when they are away on Shabbat. So let's assume that R. Abadi was giving a shiur and I wanted to go, how could I work something out with a babysitter on Shabbat (or if I want to go to a Shalom Zakhor or anything similar)?

Reply: Derech Eretz! Maybe go to a Shiur on that....
AA "

Kavod Harav,
Can someone please explain to me what is goin on?!?!?! its amazing! absolutely no respect, why do people even care what halacha is if they have no kavod HaTorah?!? people come to this website, and ask about halacha questions or kashruth questions, yet they dont even have the basic derech eretz. i think that there should be a link to a special segment on basic derech eretz before one is allowed to post a question, this is out of control, who breeds these people, this is the second response just tonight, to a disrespectful statment!
I dont know why they even deserve to have their remarks posted here. Please Rabbi, do something about these people!!!
Thank You for everything,


Reply:  Sadly this is very common in the religious society today. People are given a choice. THey can choose to be disrespectful.

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