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Author:  Jay
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Date:  5/27/2004 11:09:00 PM
Subject:  Shabbat Help
Message:  Shabbat help
Message: This coming Shabbat there is a rabbi giving a shiur. I want to attend the shiur but I don't want to leave my wife alone with the 4 kids. So I want to hire a teenage girl to help out. But then I would be paying her to work on Shabbat. What do you suggest to make it permissible? Can I have her work for five minutes after havdalah and say I am paying her for this (when everyone knows I am not)?

Reply: You can't pay by the hour on Shabbat

So what do you suggest I do to make it muttar?


Reply: What Shiur is this?

Are you joking? Who cares what shiur it is? In fact, this is a common halakhic question that I think many people have, how to make life easier for their wives when they are away on Shabbat. So let's assume that R. Abadi was giving a shiur and I wanted to go, how could I work something out with a babysitter on Shabbat (or if I want to go to a Shalom Zakhor or anything similar)?

Reply:  Derech Eretz! Maybe go to a Shiur on that....

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