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Date:  5/25/2004 10:28:00 AM
Subject:  re: early Shavuot
Message:  Message: Can I make an early Shavuot, like we make early Shabbat?

Reply: Yes, you can!
Would you please elaborate a little? I learned that at least kiddush (Magen Avraham, AH"Sh 494:3, Ben Ish Chai 1:Bamidbar), and possibly Maariv (TaZ, SA Harav 494:2), need to be after Tzeis Hakochavim so that there are a full 7 weeks.    Does Rav Abadi disagree? I respect his right to disagree, of course. I just want to understand.) I see that it is not mentioned in Shas or the Rishonim. But once the first Acharon started the ball rolling with the idea, it seems that nobody argued up till now.

I would love it if you would explain the thinking a little bit.

Reply:  My father will be writing a full Teshuva on this. Don't touch that dial....

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