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Author:  Josh
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Date:  5/23/2004 3:54:00 PM
Subject:  Minhagim
Message:  Lately, you have repeatedly mentioned the idea that one should follow the minhagim of whatever Rav one is committed to as a posek.

This may be a new ruling from your father, inasmuch as I don't recall hearing this in the past.

I am wondering - if someone is Ashkenazi and their Rav is Sephardi or vice versa, would this idea still apply. In other words, if Ashkenazim, for example, had a Sephardic Rav as their posek, would they be permitted to eat kitniyot, etc.?

Also, if you have the time, could you explain the reason for this pesak? I always thought that minhagim followed one's father/community, so this notion is new to me.

Reply:  True. And a bit controversial, or potentially so.

Applies either way....

A person should follow his Rav. If his Rav is from a different community, he should stick to those customs. Imagine if years ago when a Rav was always local and a person would move to another place. He would follow the Rav in the other place and begin a new set of customs. It's not that simple, since the mixup of customs and the new globalization of the world complicates these concepts.
But that is the deal.

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