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Date:  5/23/2004 2:25:00 PM
Subject:  shaitel
Message:  I have seen many people who used the recent wig scare as an opportunity to further their opinion that one should not wear a shaitel b/c it looks like human hair. They should look in the Shiltei Giborim to Shabbos Daf 64b (29a in the Rif). There may be other opinions that disagree, but people should not claim that it is "obviously" not allowed
Reply:  It is a shame that people cannot leave others to follow their Rabbis. I have come to realize that the driving force behind this movement to prohibit wigs containing hair from India, actually comes from those who believe wearing wigs is not allowed at all. That explains why they have barely attempted to prove their case, but rather just forced it down everyone's throats. So many robots went and burned their wigs.....

Now I am seeing signs about men using electric shavers. It says Rav Elyashiv holds that it is not allowed at all, and it is a sin from the Torah. Well, if we are still going with the rule that anything Rav Elyashiv says goes, what's the reason why everyone in the "Yeshivish" world are still using electric shavers? What hypocrisy?

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