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Author:  benjamin
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Date:  5/19/2004 12:35:00 AM
Subject:  chumort
Message:  Did you ask your father if it is ok to do this about posting that question?

Reply:  He faxed me the copy of the Teshuva, and told me to post it.

All you wonderful people who respect Rabbi Abadi, but are uncomfortable with how his son AA is misquoting him.... Just ask Rabbi Abadi. I follow my father's decisions about each law and about what to speak about and how strong. Usually the criticism is that I was not strong enough.

We got to this ridiculous state because no one was speaking out. The destruction of the first Temple began with the Rabbis, the good ones, because they did not speak out (Shabbat 42ish).

The Torah has its laws. Many people are controlled by feelings. You cannot feel the rules. You need to learn them. Look in The Chafetz Chaim in his book on Shemirat Halashon and you will see how strongly we should speak against these things and these people.

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