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Author:  anony
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Date:  5/17/2004 2:25:00 PM
Subject:  a couple of questions......
Message:  Dear Rabbis,
   First and foremost Thank You for all you time,effort, you all so selflessly devote for the benefit of others. Chazak U'baruch.
   I have a few questions.
#1 When saying the Asher Yaatzar do we say Afeelu shaa achat or do we leave that out?

#2 At times I am in my car about to leave to s/w when I remember I forgot to say a beracha acharona am I allowed to say it in the car being that i see my house? How about if I see into my home or rather the room in which i ate in?

#3 Often when my gum loses it's taste I pop in another piece- do I have to make another blessing over the new piece?

#4 What is you opinion on doing Kiruv? I'm involved in it now, and enjoying it. Should this be something that I should continue to pursue?(i'm a girl if that makes a difference.)

Thank you again.
Reply:  1) We say it

2) If you forgot & you're away, you can make it where you are.

3) No

4) If you are working in an environment where you will have no risk of doing a sin, nor having one done to you, and if you are strong in your own religion, and you can help others, then it is a wonderful Mitzvah with unlimited reward.

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