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Author:  jay
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Date:  5/16/2004 2:02:00 PM
Subject:  cake and wigs
Message:  kvod harav
1. the easy one, you allow pat palter, does that also apply to permiiting commerically baked kosher cakes and pastries, done by gentiles?

2. a. I dont understant the whole tzimmes about wigs. my chassidic grandmother wore a sheitel and it looked horrible, like an overturned pail made of ugly horse hair, and mayb it was.

but arent todays sheitels which look elegant, like the it could be the womans own hair a violation of the ideal of mtzniut behind the law.

b. in earlier years, misnaged rabbeyim taught us that a sheitel is not correct, a Reform so to speak, and i woman has to cover her hair with a kerchief or hat. I have a photo of a german speaking great grandmother about 150 years ago, and she is wearing a bonnet OVER her sheitel.

isnt it aveira gorerest aveira, first they replace the law of a head covering with a wig, and then they worry about avodah zarah. (I agree it sounds absurd) the avodah zarah metaphorically is trying to trick the din into permitting them to look like they were not supposed to lood when they married

3. TWO SEEMINGLY LEARNED MODERN ORTHODOX RABBIS SAID that when the mishnah calls the law of women covering their hair Dat Yisrael, it doesnt mean it is a halachah, but a very strong minhag. Is that true?
when i was young not only did the wives of modern orthodox rabbis not cover their hair, neither did the wife of rav yosef soleveitchik, they must have relied on something?

thank yoiu for telling it like it is
Reply:  1. Yes
2. I'm lost
3. I can't answer for other people, but I can say that those "TWO SEEMINGLY LEARNED MODERN ORTHODOX RABBIS" you quoted are probably trying to keep their jobs. In many places in Halacha we find that "b'makon hefsed meruba meikilin" (in a case of a big loss we are lenient). Maybe, these Rabbis are depending on that.
Please look at a previous post titled "Meshuga".

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