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Author:  moshe
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Date:  5/16/2004 12:51:00 PM
Subject:  wigs
Message:  hi i just read your opinion about the wigs i was wondering were r elyashiv and all the other rabbonim in israel went wrong i mean he even sent dayan dunner over to check things out before making his pesak ill be dan lecaf zechus that you also did but his whole question was why they cutting their hair was it the hair that was holy and therefore they were cutting it or was the holyness just to be without hair and the psak was that the hair was holy it doesnt make a difference whose selling it whether its the ladies themselves or the cleaning ladies and from r elyashivs psak and ive seen the letter HE wrote and signed its taruvos avoda zara and therefore yaharog veal yavor.
my wife has a few wigs that id have to get rid of so id like to know how you got to your psak and if it came from your father
thank you
Reply:  look at this post please "wigs- the truth"

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