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Author:  PUzzled
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Date:  5/12/2004 6:00:00 PM
Subject:  Puzzling questions-puzzling answers
Message:  1). My mother told me about the bugs in water. She calls them germs. That is why they chlorinate it so much that it turns your hair green. I can't imagine how bugs could live in the city water when my goldfish can't.

2). I called the Welchs plant once in the Fall when I was told they were producing the annual Kedem kosher Grape Juice run. I asked to speak to the Rabbi and they gave me a number in Brooklyn. Probably works for Potato bagging too.

3). Human hair wigs have always been made from Indian Hair, that is the good ones. The not so good ones are made from Korean or Chinese hair. In really impoverished countries the few dollars that women get for their hair can feed a family for months. A lot of European hair wigs are often Indian hair too. This is because India is part of Eurasia and the wig industry has redefined Indian hair as European hair because Indian women are technically Caucasian. Get it?

4). I saw today that all of the eggs in the store that I shop in were OU certified. Does this mean that a Mashigiah is present 24/7 to make sure that there are not eagles in the hen house????

5). Would it be a problem to contract with a company that makes Church items, specifically choir robes to manufacture Shabbos robes for my store? Some of my customers have told me that they will not buy robes made by choir robe companies because it would be supporting avodah zara.

Thank you.
Reply:  1) True & in the air, too. Are we going to walk around with masks?

2) the same is by most Kosher brands.

3) I think so, but who cares anyway.

4) Who will watch over the Mashgiach?

5) You can make Choir Robes too.
Let's stick to the Laws God gave us and not make up new ones.


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