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Author:  J
E-mail:  iamjack1999@hotmail.com
Date:  5/7/2004 12:07:00 PM
Subject:  Pregnancy and nails...
Message:  >>Is it permissable for pregnant women to get a
>>manicure at beauty parlor ,since there are
>>many nails alll over the place, or can you rely
>>on the fact that they are not in the original place
>>where they were cut .

Kavod HaRav-
I know the fear of a preganant woman walking on nails is based off of the interpretation of a Gemara (moed kattan, i think). But isnt it a ludicrous idea? I mean, theres no scientific correlation between the two- one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the next?

The correct answer to this person's question is that it certainly is permissable because the idea that stepping on nails may cause a miscarriage is an old wives' tale... sorta like the fear that if you pull out one gray hair, two will grow in its place.

And if you believe in these things, please tell me, cuz I've got a bridge to sell you in Brklyn, as well...



Reply:  Modern Science is the most reliable decisive tool to be able to know anything and everything...

...until the next scientific proof that everything we knew before was ridiculous stupidity and now this is the real facts.....

Please do not be silly. Science believes in evolution! How can we respect those people?

The scientific proof that CFC's deplete the Ozone Layer is because in the 70's we started using lots of CFC's and in the same time period the Ozone Layer began to deplete. I know, because I had to study that in order to get a CFC removal license. Please?!

If you have a bridge to sell, and the Gemara says that the Bridge will be worth $30 Billion in 2006, then I'm ready to give you $24 Billion for it....

Watch out, because you are close to being an Apikores. Find a Rebbi that believes in God.

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