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Author:  Jeff
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Date:  5/5/2004 11:32:00 PM
Subject:  Women's Head Covering
Message:  1. It seems that the requirement of head covering for a woman should not distinguis between married and single - based on the gemara in Ketubot 72. Why do you think this distinction was ever made?

2. If indeed some women's hair is not considered an ervah - women who are not yet married - then doesn't that imply that the sexual nature of hair is context based?

3. Why do people think that a woman's head covering is supposed to be a siman that she is married? Where would such a thought come from?

thank you for your time
Reply:  1) Look better and you will see it in the Poskim.

2) To some extent. It certainly is less than other parts of the body. The Torah's initial prohibition is completely uncovered in public for married women. The current laws are still a requirement.

3) Because of Q#1


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