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Author:  chaim
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Date:  5/3/2004 10:18:00 AM
Subject:  Re: Women Praying
Message:  K'vod Harav,

Can The Rav please give a source for woman praying three times daily being a requirment? someone recently asked me if they, as woman do they HAVE TO daven and i said yes, however i wasnt able to quote them. Thank you.

Reply:  Interesting. Where did you look?!

Mishneh Berachot Perek #3
Talmud Bavli 20A & B, Rash"i, Tosafot,
Ri"f, Ra"sh, Rabeinu Yonah, Ramba"n.
Ramba"m Berachot 1:2
Sma"g Aseh #19
Tur Beit Yosef Shulchan Aruch/Ram"a #106:2
Maharsh"a, Magen Avraham, Ta"z, Gr"a, Mishneh Berurah......
...just for starters....

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