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Author:  Renee
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Date:  5/3/2004 8:29:00 AM
Subject:  Pomegrante juice
Message:  Pomegrante juice has always been a cooking staple in the traditional Sephardic kitchen. It is added to meat dishes (lahem b'agin - meat pizzas, hashu - the stuffing for peppers etc, and various stews) along with tamerind paste and lemon to give that distinctive sour/sweet taste that we enjoy in our foods. (Meat is din - your din from Hashem should always be softened with sweetness, but not too sweet as to attract Ayin Hara, so add a little sour too - this is how we learned to cook, really)

Now researchers have discovered that Pomegrante juice cleans out the arteries of cholesterol and plague. Our traditional food combinations, sours and nuts with our little bits of meat have a medical benefit too!!!!

Pomegrante (rimon, chinese apple) juice is sold as a molasses (concentrate), as a juice drink with a lot of sugar or fructose (15% juice usually) and as a straight juice (about $7 a quart). The pure juice is very difficult to get down as it is very sour. It is in fact sour enough to blow away a urinary tract infection better than pure cranberry juice.

What would the beracha be on the juice drink?(15% juice).

Thank you!!!

Reply:  Shehakol...

Always can count on you for info....

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