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Author:  ST
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Date:  5/2/2004 12:38:00 AM
Subject:  scrubs
Message:  as a nurse in a hospital where everyone wears scrubs (with pants) yet scrubs skirts are available and permitted, which is preferable to wear?
i am torn because it seems that it would be more tznius to blend in rather than be the only one in a skirt, yet in my personal life i only wear skirts and i take pride in standing out as a frum jew. any comments on this?
Reply:  If the skirt you are wearing is tzniusdik, then that idea of blending in, is the Yetzer Horah trying his typical line on you. The Yetzer Horah's best line "is do it this way, because it is a big Mitzva" in his convoluted opinion.

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