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Author:  Pinhas
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Date:  4/30/2004 4:40:00 PM
Subject:  untznius-pictures
Message:  Regarding photos that arent modest. What sorts of guidelines should a person set? We have at home our wedding album, some pictures contain glimpses of immodest dress, and women in pants. I dont like having them at all, but I know this issue doesnt go over with my wife, we all know how valued pictures of friends and family are in present society. And she also brings home magazines, health magazines and ones about pregnancy and parenting etc., they all contain in-appropriate pictures! What can I do? And the worst thing is, I dont know of any books or written sources dealing with this coming from our Rabbis? So what can I do if the Rabbis dont talk or writte about it? I love kiddushah, and want a squeaky clean home.
Pinhas. Shabbat Shalom!
Reply:  Looking at Ervah is not allowed, and it does say that in Halachah.

Don't make an issue of it, just have her put it in her drawer, or somewhere out of your way.

I'm sure you can find a common ground.

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