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Author:  Temima
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Date:  4/28/2004 6:15:00 PM
Subject:  gym
Message:  if i go to the gym, can i leave my house in just pants that are loose fitting? or should i put a skirt on top?
Reply:  Pants for women is too delicate an issue for us to address constantly.

We have responded many times and will try to avoid controversy in order to keep ourselves and our "surfers" focused.

The gist of what we said was that to say that pants is a "man's clothing," is downright silly.
That can certainly not be a problem, since women all over wear pants.
Wearing pants that are too tight are just as bad as wearing a skirt or dress that are too tight.

Some people think that wearing a skirt several inches above the knee, with a slit another couple of inches above that, is certainly very holy, since they don't God Forbid wear pants. Let's be real.

Realisticly, wearing pants in a community that does not condone it, can cause you lots of problems.

Going skiing or parasailing in a skirt is beyond reason and possibly dangerous.

The main purpose of being here on this earth is to do our job of keeping God's laws. Modest dressing is a very important component for women. Women usually know what fits under this category and what does not. I leave it to you women to do the right thing.


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