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Author:  Sebastian
E-mail:  dfaizakoff@hotmail.com
Date:  4/28/2004 1:44:00 AM
Subject:  Hesder Panim?
Message:  Are you saying below that in some circumstances it is permissible to turn away from halacha in order to return later? I am sure you will answer that one must consult a qualified rabbi with specific circumstances, but generically how do you hold? ie. what if you are going to lose everything if you dont cut a few restrictions out of your life for a while and regroup later? Can we justify amputating an arm to save the rest of the body?

Dear Rabbi Abadi:
I am a recent returnee of Judiasm. I come from a well-known prestigious rabbinical family. My father learned with Rav Aaron Kotler for many years, and my siblings and myself, were all raised in a yeshiva/bais yaakov upbringing. Unfortunately, I only saw a very, very negative and dark side of religiosity, which I am now learning and accepting, has NOTHING to do with being a good Jew. However, I am deeply disgusted with the latest global fad of "frumkeit", and all its inherent falsitites. I don't understand why the main rabbis have not spoken out and against such additions. I see the frum women dressing like beggers wives; these are the wives of those who sit and learn. It repulses and disgusts me. They are supposed to be the banner carriers of Torah, yet they seem to represent the lowest class.

What do you think?

Reply: You are right. This is against the Torah. You were lucky to have left, in order to return to the proper religion. If you never would have gone, you would still be in that world, never knowing that this is not the religion God presented.

Reply:  If a person comes prior to this and asks me, I'll certainly tell him not to. There are hundreds of ways to escape from "right wing claustrophobia."

God loves his children and will gladly help them out of this craziness. And he will forgive them for silly actions that they could not control during their escape. We are given an obstacle course and God watches to see how well we do.

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