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Author:  ao
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Date:  4/24/2004 11:50:00 PM
Subject:  questions
Message:  1) if i am wearing a skirt that goes past my ankles am i allowed to wear sandals with out socks?

2) i once heard something, ( i know you're going to sat not to beleive everytihng you hear or read,) about that God made it that we can see our reflection in other people's eyes so that when we talk to them, (or more like before we talk,) we should feel as if we are in there shoes... (something along those lines.) i noticed that in light-colored color contacts made for people with naturally dark eyes, u dont see your reflection. it seems a bit far fetched, but are there any issues with wearing color contacts for this reason?

3) if i eat seudat shlishit but didnt bench yet and i do melacha, (obviously after shabbat is over,) but i havent heard havdalah yet, do i say retze?

Reply:  1. yes - you are allowed, but make sure your toes don't cause a Chilul Hashem.
2. No

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