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Date:  4/21/2004 10:34:00 PM
Subject:  Tefillah bSibur
Message:  Hi.. I was curious if a person can "overmatch" his tefillah in public (by doing things he wouldn't do in front of people), is it mutar for him to daven in private lechatchilah sometimes?
Reply:  It is not very simple. The ideal prayer just requires basic understanding of the meaning of the words as you say them. Anything extra is usually overkill and a negative addition.
However from a Kabalah standpoint there is much that can be added. The person must be on that level in order to gain any benefits from such a prayer. Otherwise, all the Malachim (angels) will die of laughter....
So in conclusion, pray with a Minyan (group of 10) wherever possible.

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