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Author:  Jeff Duitch
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/21/2004 7:09:00 PM
Subject:  Comment and some questions
Message:  I hope you all had a wonderful Pesach. First, I want to clarify something Aaron (AA) said in response to that "Taurine is treif" post for the benefit of those of you who are new to kashrut.org

"The rules of Kashrut in Halachah require the item to be an edible item in order to pose any problem at all"

Am I not correct that your father holds that the item must be edible BY ITSELF? Meaning, it's fit to eat by itself and/or will have a pleasant taste. I hardly know anyone who is willing to eat most of those lovely additives (including those fine colors) BY THEMSELVES as a normal food item.   Every time I ask someone if they're interested in eating gelatin all by itself without the sugar or flavorings, they tell me "NO!"

So Aaron, would it be fair to say in reality that according to your father "The rules of kashrut in halachah require the item to be edible ON ITS OWN or have a pleasant taste by itself in order to pose any problem at all"?   

I have a little advice for everyone who looks at this website: Please please please, before you criticize Rabbi Abadi's psakim/opinions or declare them "wrong" or treif, I suggest that you look at the "about us", "FAQ", and "halacha" sections first (in addition to searching through past relevant Q&A's). A Jew of course should be following whatever his or her qualified rebbe/posek says (until Golus has ended, Moshiach comes, and the Sanhedrin is re-established etc... then we'll have to follow whatever the Sanhedrin says).

Now for some questions on other matters:

1. When you say that your father allows one to change the setting on a timer if one forgot to do so before Shabbos/Yom Tov (or changes his/her mind on when the light/device should be turned on or off), is this allowed for any timer, or just non-digital ones?

2. Since your father holds that turning lights OFF (BUT not on except in certain situations) is fine on Yom Tovim that don't occur on Shabbos, what about the fridge light on a weekday Yom Tov? Are we still required to remove the light bulb from the fridge on weekday Yom Tovim?

3. Did you look over my e-mail question concerning that Apple Smoked Cheese with a tablet K on it? If so, have you contacted Rabbi Saffra and found out whether he's makpid on gevinas yisroel or not?

4. Concerning the website: How's the revamping coming along? How are the additional entries on halachah doing? What will the anticipated dates of completion be for the website revamping and the pages containing the halachos on the rest of the areas of Jewish living?

5. One of my co-workers gave me some milk chocolates that came from Holland. There's no hashgacha on it and the ingredients seem kosher as per Harav Abadi BUT, does milk (or the milk powder) in The Netherlands come 100% from a cow or other kosher animals?

As always, thank you very much
Reply:  1) Either

2) no

3) I don't think he uses his own cheese. I would assume that he uses an OU or OK labeled product.

4) Any day now.
laws of Lashon Harah should be posted shortly. Laws of Prayers are almost done, too.

5) It's no problem.
Shabbat Shalom & good to hear from you.

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