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Author:  Gershon
E-mail:  beercon2@aol.com
Date:  4/20/2004 11:14:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Amulets
Message:  In a recent post you replied:
" Not unless you worship it.
But it is Baloney, just like the red string.....

I agree 100% with you. All of this stuff is nonsense. It is not just baloney, it is very harmful as it removes people from the true notion of reward and punishment. People who think that God will protect them because they chose to wear a red string or an upside down hand need a lot of help. I also agree that there is no prohibition of avodah zarah, but if you study the source in man's nature for these types of things and avodah zarah, you will find that they stem from the same place. Every primitive culture (emphasize: not jewish) had an evil eye idea -- read up om it, you will see it is true.

Reply:  You are right. Even real stuff like medicine can cause us to forget who made us sick, and why. King Chizkiyah hid the "Sefer Harefuot," the book of medicines and cures, because people were just using that book and poof they were better. They forgot to look into why God gave them the problem to begin with.

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