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Author:  elie
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Date:  4/4/2004 10:20:00 AM
Subject:  Movies/TV
Message:  Dear Rabbis,
Is one allowed to watch a movie on television? It would appear from your responses that it is allowed, but if you watch it in a group it would seem no different than seeing it in theaters. Is "going to movies" worse? Also, is watching television in general assur b/c of different reasons, such as bitul zman or the "znus factor?"
Reply:  It is not permitted to watch on TV certain things that we cannot look at. If a man in your Synagogue was found to have women visiting him in his living room not dressed too Kosher and/or maybe dancing, this man could not come to the Synagogue without hiding his face. People would hide their kids when he passes, and he would never be called up to read from the Torah. Eventually the Rabbi will ask him to find another Synagogue....

If it is inside this box we call a TV, suddenly it is OK, it is normal, it is acceptable. The people are watching much worse things, but they are being honored, being bought Chatan Torah, praised for their wonderful contributions to society.

Is this not absurd?

If one must have a TV, I recommend getting cable, and blocking out the bad channels and only allowing Fox News, Discovery, Travel, or whatever. Things that are not sins to look at.

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