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Author:  michelle
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Date:  3/29/2004 11:59:00 PM
Subject:  midot tovot
Message:  Dear Rabbi,
I have been reading your correspondense with a person who calls himself "sharpie". I must say I hold alot of respect for the work you do. It must be exhausting and trying. Although I must say I was sad to read the way you and "sharpie" spoke to each other. It certainly is not the way your followers should learn to speak. I feel you should present a more diplomatic response no matter how rude and disrespectable the message is. The average person looks to their rabbis for guidance just as a child imitates their parents. Please show your followers the proper, Midot by responding to these kinds of e-mail while holding your integrity intact. I sadly say I questioned whether I want to follow your halachic answers because I now question your midot. It would be a shame to nulify all your hard work by conversing with someone who brings you down to their level.Hold on to your values Rabbi, and the rest of us will see who to believe in. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a Hag Kasher Vesameach.
Reply:  I understand your feelings, but it is based on a more liberal American outlook.

The Torah requires us to lash out at such people. It's not from anger, but from my respect for my religion, my God, and his Torah. If you had an opportunity to study the Talmud and the many other Seforim, you will see that certain things require a serious mouthful in response.

You need to know when & where, but I think we take more than we give. A bit of our problem these days is taking that stand down liberal attitude.

We don't determine right and wrong from our feelings. We have books for that.


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