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Author:  ao
E-mail:  abbydabomb@juno.com
Date:  3/25/2004 11:38:00 PM
Subject:  Re:Re: sports/theatres
Message:  <<"Message: is the prohibition against going to baseball games, football games hockey chumra?

does it make a difference what kind of sport?--a hockey game may be more calm than a football game where things may take an inappropriate turn.

is going to theaters included in this prohibition?

Reply: No
is it assur derabanan? what is the reason?
thank you

Reply: It's the first Pasuk in Tehillim. Ashrei Ha'Ish...
Everyone has been saying Tehillim, but no one has the time to see what it says.
AA >>

are you saying that going to a movie theatre or sport game is considered going "beatzat reshaim"?
what about going to a movie theatre or sport game in israel where the majority of ppl are jewish?

Reply:  Jewish is only a plus if they are observant, otherwise it's as bad or worse.
These places are Moshav Leitzim and worse.

The Gemara brings it in Avoda Zara.

The Rambam and all others bring it.

Rav Moshe Feinstein has a whole piece on it saying very clearly it is not allowed.

Of course, nobody cares.

We do what we want to do and we adjust the environment to have Rabbis that will go along with it.

Have you ever met anyone who did what he was told as painful as it might be? Of course not. If we are told something that we are not thrilled with, we go for a second opinion.
Why do anything at all? Do we believe in God? Are we looking to accomplish anything or just to pass the time?

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