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Author:  Iris
E-mail:  irisassouline@yahoo.com
Date:  4/7/2017 12:00:00 PM
Subject:  Question re kashering my microwave for pesach
Message:  Dear Rabbi,
I checked your halacha page regarding koshering microwaves. You indicate as follows:

"Microwave Ovens can be koshered by putting a bowl of water on the highest setting for twenty minutes."

So, my question is, which bowl do I use to do this? One that is kosher for pesach that I have designated for pesach use or one that is from every day? My issue is if I put the KP bowl in, aren't I putting into a chametz microwave? But if I put my everyday bowl in, then the now koshered microwave has a chametz bowl in it!
Is the answer that I use a glass pyrex bowl from every day since these don't need to be kashered?

Thank you for your patience and for responding to this and all of my other emails.

Reply:  Use a paper hot cup. That should resolve the issue. I just realized that we need to update that page. Just leave the water in till after the water bubbles for a minute

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