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Author:  Esther H
E-mail:  Phineme27@aol.com
Date:  4/7/2017 1:12:00 AM
Subject:  Nashville flavor Nesquik chocolate powder
Message:  Sorry it says natural flavor, not Nashville,lol. that's wat happens
When you speak a message
Thank you again!!
Reply:  lol-it's ok-I would urge all not to rely on Siri (until she converts) as we can't afford mistakes :)
nesquik chocolate flavored powder ingredients: sugar, cocoa processed with alkali, soy lecithin, carrageenan, Salt, Natural flavor, spice. Vitamins and minerals : sodium ascorbate vitamin C, ferric phosphate, Iron, niacinamide, zinc oxide, Thiamin hydrochloride, copper gluconate, magnesium sulfate, biotin.
May contain milk and wheat.

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