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Author:  ARI ZAL
E-mail:  ari@aol.com
Date:  3/25/2004 4:16:00 PM
Subject:  LECHA DODI
Message:  Can I get a hlalchic ruling, with sources, on how to behave during the last stanza of lecha dodi?

Do we:
1 - face the door?
2 - face the back of the shul
3 - face the west?

Do we
1 - face in that direction for the whole stanza; or do we
2 - turn around for words "boee kalla"

Is it better to sing it
1 - congregationally; or
2 - responsivly


Reply:  All of the above and none of the above!
Somehow it seems we are so worried about simple customs, to be doing them exactly as holy as we can possibly get, but....

We are fine with carrying on Shabbat.

The men and women shake each other's hands. (not to mention all the kissing)

Our Midot (character traits) are for the birds. (The birds are better).

We eat cheeses that are not Kosher.

We chase away our youth with our stupidity....

...but we are sure gonna get the exact details for Tashlich, Kaporos, Lecha Dodi, kissing the Mezuza, Yohrtzeit, and all the rest, and we are gonna do them to death.


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